About us

Success is about great strategies, great relationships, effective engagement, excellent communications, appropriate connections and well thought out delivery. We work with our clients to help deliver each of these.

Our team has been built to ensure we can provide our clients with the best skills to meet their individual requirements. We have expertise across both traditional PR practices and across digital platforms. We also have graphic design and specialised marketing expertise which means we can truly tailor our response to your needs.

Great words but what does that mean?

It means we can design and roll out an internal communications strategy to keep your team informed and engaged or we can use the full range of media channels to help communicate with audiences outside your organisation. It means we can use social media to help drive results and we understand digital analytics so we can be targeted in our approach. It means we can help make connections and seek out others views and perspectives so that these can be incorporated into your strategy. It means engaging with the right people in the right way to enhance, protect and highlight your brand!

Cherry Red has been selected as an approved provider on the “all of government” (AOG) panel of Public Relations consultants and we are a member of the Public Relations Institute of New Zealand (PRINZ).