Our Services

Strategic Communications

To be truly effective a communication strategy needs to be embedded in a business plan – not just an afterthought.

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Digital Communications

We have the expertise to manage all your digital technology requirements in relation to PR and marketing.

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The Cherry Red team can help you use the media in the most appropriate and effective way to get great results and have your story told.

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Other Services

We make use of all the marketing and public relations tools available, to work with you to enhance your communications and help you to manage this key component of your business.

Internal communications

Your team are your best ambassadors. It’s important that they know what’s going on in the business and they are fully engaged so that they can contribute in a way that supports the business. We can help make sure they are up to date, fully informed and engaged. We can help identify the best tools to use to ensure on going engagement and commitment from your team creating higher levels of performance.

Client and customer communications

We are great at telling our client’s stories in a way that creates interest and engagement. From simple brochures and newsletters to wow factor publications, we can find the right communications platform for your brand.

Consultation and engagement

We are IAP2 qualified which means that we use leading edge engagement techniques that set the benchmark. Communities have the power to make or break your business. We can help you understand and work with them to make sure their supporters.

Event management

Investing in a client event means increased workloads for the team involved. We are able to relieve some of that stress and at the same time ensure a perfect hosting opportunity.

Web content development

Writing and maintaining your website is a specialised skill and we are experts in this field. We can quickly cut to the core of your business and ensure your web content tells your story effectively. Writing is what we’re good at!

Local and central government relations

With a history working for both local government and central government we know how they work. We can help to make sure that you get the best result in your dealings and engagement with government.


It’s not just a donation! Make sure that sponsorships work for you by negotiating effective contracts and ensuring great outcomes for your business as well as the group you sponsor. We have worked on development and establishment of major sponsorships and we can help you with this aspect of your public relations portfolio.

Crisis management

No one wants a crisis, but they do happen. You need to plan and be prepared and then manage the scenario well. We can help with the pre-planning and the management of an event if ever required.


We have an in house design team with expertise working on smaller one off design jobs through to international campaigns. This means we can integrate strategy, PR and design into one perfect outcome.


Public Relations and communications need to be part of the complete marketing mix and vice versa. We have in house marketing expertise so that we can ensure a neat and joined up approach.

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